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           In this home page you will find information about my professional background, publications, courses being taught, and other information. Many of these are hyperlinked for even further information. Please feel free to browse for whatever reason you are here.

           If you are primarily interested in retrieving articles that may be of use to you in your business practice or your scholarly research, please go immediately to the tab at the right "Pub Downloads."

 Bio — Biographical sketch
      This biographical sketch is supplemented with indications of external recognition of my work. I blush to put these here, but they can be useful for committees that have asked me to write letters for their promotion & tenure candidates, and they need evidence of the stature of the writer.

      This section covers professional appointments, educational background, and so forth.

 All pubs — All publications
      This is a listing, by theme, of my publications to date. Many are hyperlinked for downloading.

      This section lists courses that are presently being taught, or those that have been taught in the past. Many are hyperlinked to the course syllabus.

 Exec Ed — Executive education
      Included here are selected seminars, talks, and course segments that have been given for executive groups around the world. Many are hyperlinked to the overheads used in the presentation.

What's New
New Book: Information Security: Policy, Processes, and Practices

This volume in the Advances in Management Information Systems series covers the managerial landscape of information security. It deals with how organizations and nations organize their information security policies and efforts. The book covers how to strategize and implement security with a special focus on emerging technologies. It highlights the wealth of security technologies, and also indicates that the problem is not a lack of technology but rather its intelligent application. (More...)

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